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Initial Sign-In Into the Care Crowd VT website

Once your organization/facility is a paid Care Crowd VT member (your facility has purchased a site license and provided you with login credentials), logging into the site is a simple, straightforward process.

You will likely receive an email invitation from your facility’s management upon creation of your Care Crowd VT account. It will provide a link to the website and your initial username and password so you can login and begin your training. If you are unsure of how to login to the Care Crowd VT website, you can watch the following tutorial to learn the steps of logging in. Once you have successfully gained access to your account on the site, you can view the tutorial entitled Welcome/General Overview to learn more about the site and get an general overview of how it works so you can begin your training in earnest.

Note: To view the video lesson at a larger size, click the Enter full screen button in the video toolbar to enlarge the video to it's full size for easier viewing. Clicking the button again will return it to its original size.

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