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Welcome/General Overview

We are thrilled to have you on-board with Care Crowd VT!

Our goal is to help you become a dedicated member of a thriving Care Crowd community of passionate care professions who have a driving ambition to Improve Care from Within...

In the video tutorial below, we wish to welcome you as a vital Care Crowd member as well as to give you a brief overview of what Care Crowd VT is and how it works. After viewing this video, you should be able to successfully login to the website and begin your basic Care Crowd VT Foundation Training. You can then view other articles/videos here in the Support Center to get more familiar with Care Crowd VT's other features and functionality to make your training experience even better!

Note: To view the video lesson at a larger size, click the Enter full screen button in the video toolbar to enlarge the video to it's full size for easier viewing. Clicking the button again will return it to its original size.

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