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Quick Access To System Modules

The System Modules are special functionality within Care Crowd VT that provide you handy tools and processes for doing things such as maintaining notes about the training, keeping a list of favorite chapters, and so forth.

While the System Modules are easily accessible on the Main Menu page of the site, this footer section housing the System Modules buttons is not available on other pages of Care Crowd VT. There is an easier way to access them, regardless of which page of the site you may be on!

Watch the following tutorial to learn how you can quickly access the System Modules sitewide at any time. If you are a Manager-level user, this also provides quick access to your Quick Links for managerial functionality.

Note: To view the video lesson at a larger size, click the Enter full screen button in the video toolbar to enlarge the video to it's full size for easier viewing. Clicking the button again will return it to its original size.

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