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Changing the website interface language

Not every user of Care Crowd VT uses English as his or her dominant language. In order to help those users to interact with the Care Crowd VT web interface, we want to call your attention to the ability to change the presented language used in the site. While it can't alter the text of everything on the page (graphics, for instance, are not updated with changes in language) and the audio portion of Clint's lessons will still be in English (otherwise, he would have to record every lesson in every language), it does help make great strides in helping many find their way around the site better.

Watch the following tutorial to learn how you can quickly and easily choose a different language to view the Care Crowd VT website with.

Note: To view the video lesson at a larger size, click the Enter full screen button in the video toolbar to enlarge the video to it's full size for easier viewing. Clicking the button again will return it to its original size.

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